Check out the African People images

A few nice African People images I found:

Emmanuel Gumbo, 27 – South Sudan
African People

Image by Oxfam International
“The war affected me personally. I’m 27 and could be with a master’s degree, but I’m starting my university education now. I was a refugee in (DR) Congo and just came back three years ago. My father died during the war, even my Mom. (So) I am the one to support myself, looking how to survive. We need the government to construct more schools so that we educate more young South Sudanese. If we are going to improve our country we need to get education.”

Photo: Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin

In 2013, the AU celebrates 50 years of African unity. We asked 50 people in five countries affected by conflict – DR Congo, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan – to send a message to AU leaders and their own governments.

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